Jen Palacios


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I am a passionate developer from Guatemala, currently living in Germany. I love spending time with my wife, travelling and anything that is tech related. I enjoy to drink coffee and rum (not necessarily together), especially if they are Guatemalan. I have a soft spot for anything related to super heroes, Legos or T-rexes.

I feel fortunate and grateful to say that I have finally found a career and community that I'm super stoked to be a part of. I love what I do and hope to be able to keep on learning and growing as a professional developer.

If you are interested in my professional journey, feel free to check out my CV.

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--> of the professional kind

Currently, I work at a media agency. This means that all of my projects get published in different websites. Some of them last as short as a week and a few are still online. You may view a project here, another one here, and one more here.

Some other projects I have worked on include:

Chrome Extension

Create a Chrome extension to make internal calls. This allowed an employee to click on a number and their telephone number would start dialing.

Website Relaunch

I was part of a team of developers that worked on the relaunch of Parasol Island's website. Some of my contributions: page transitions, animations and the jobs listings page.

Online Contests

I have coded multiple online contests (Gewinnspiele). These projects have required registration forms, DOI’s, logic for winning and data management.

MJML Templates

Create mjml templates so project managers can create newsletters easily.

Custom Instagram Selector

I built a custom backend to allow clients or project managers to select the Instagram pictures that could be shown on the frontend of applications.

Devkit for Recurring Projects

I created a repository where developers, myself included, could pull code-snippets to facilitate the process of coding new projects from recurring clients.


--> of the private projects kind

I enjoy to code on my free time. Whether it is following a course to learn something new, or to create something fun and even sometimes useful.

Some of the stuff I have enjoyed doing privately are:

GoPro Slow Motion Video Booth

For my wedding I created a small application with Node.js to connect with the GoPro wirelessly, record for 5 seconds, and then replay the clip in slow motion. This was great fun at the party and at the end I created a video of all the tiny clips.

Javascript 30

This was a course from Wes Bos, where he taught how to approach 30 different projects with just ES6. You can check out the course here

Form validator

I created this form validator for projects at work, because I was finding myself having to re-invent the wheel every time I had to code a form.

Node.js Course

I am currently following another course from Wes Bos(yes, I am a big fan), where he teaches how to create a whole application with Node.js. You can check out the course here

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