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I am a German-Guatemalan developer, who is passionate about programming and doing it through clean code. Besides developing stuff, I love spending time with my wife, traveling and anything that is tech related. I enjoy to drink coffee and rum (not necessarily together), especially if they are Guatemalan. I have a soft spot for anything related to super heroes, Legos or T-rexes.

I feel fortunate and grateful to say that I have finally found a career and community that I'm super stoked to be a part of. I love what I do and hope to be able to keep on learning and growing as a professional developer.

If you are interested in my professional journey, feel free to check out my CV.

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--> of the professional kind

Currently, I work as an app frontend developer at GRID. My team and I are reponsible for maintaining the iOS and Android apps and building new features into it.

Before GRID, I used to work as a frontend developer at Vodafone, the biggest telecommunications company in Europe, where my team and I were in charge of maintaining and developing new features for the online shop.

Before Vodafone, I used to work at a media agency called Parasol Island, where I was able to code various projects for mulitple clients in the consumer goods industry.

Some of the projects I have been a part of during my professional journey as a developer are:

Deconstruct a monolithic architecture

@ Vodafone

I was part of the core team that drove an initiative to reduce complexity of the monolithic architecture at Vodafone by migrating to a microfrontend architecture. Our first microfrontend launch increased page speed by 41%, reduced the average response time from backend by over 90%, and increased conversion rate by 10%.

Drive project to implement code reviews

@ Vodafone

In an effort to increase code quality at Vodafone, I drove an initiative which resulted in every team implementing a proper code review process before merging code. This process aimed to provide an environment where developers felt comfortable in providing and receiving constructive feedback regarding their work.

Start event called Drink.pop()

@ Vodafone

In an effort to increase knowledge among developers, I started an event called Drink.pop(). This event took place bi-weekly in the afternoon and developers were invited to grab a drink and listen to each other's experiences. Developers had the floor to share their learnings, most loved tools, and general development concepts with each other.

Develop Online Contests

@ Parasol Island (media agency)

I coded both the front and backend of multiple online contests (Gewinnspiele in German) for clients. These projects required correct processing of registration forms, data management and logic for randomly winning prizes.

Develop Chrome Extension

@ Parasol Island (media agency)

I created a Chrome extension for employees to make internal calls. This allowed an employee to click on a number and their physical telephone would start dialing their colleagues phone number.

Develop Custom Instagram Selector

@ Parasol Island (media agency)

I built a custom backend for a wordpress site to allow clients or project managers to select the Instagram pictures from their account that should be shown on the frontend of their websites.


--> of the private projects kind

I enjoy to code on my free time. Whether it is following a course to learn something new, or to create something fun and even sometimes useful.

Some of the stuff I have enjoyed doing privately are:

GoPro Slow Motion Video Booth

For my wedding I created a small application with Node.js to connect with the GoPro wirelessly, record for 5 seconds, and then replay the clip in slow motion. This was great fun at the party and at the end I created a video of all the tiny clips.

This website

I created this website in an effort to learn how React, Gatsby, and Netlify works. It's been a fun ride to learn new stuff.

Form validator

I created this form validator for projects at work, because I was finding myself having to re-invent the wheel every time I had to code a form.

Algorithms and data structures Course

I am currently doing a course called Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures on Udemy in order to further enhance my problem solving skills.

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